How To Focused In The Age Of Mobile Distraction

Secrets To Focusing In An Age of Distraction

Almost all teenagers have a smartphone which they use whenever they please and for as long as they want. Hence it is necessary to the limit screen time of a teenage child.
There are several advantages of having a mobile, but at the same time, it can become a distraction as well Like Children Online Shaming, trolling, cyber-bullying, etc.
This article goes on to explain the importance of staying focused, how distractions from a mobile device affect our concentration and the solution in the form of a parental control App

Importance of staying focused

Focus is necessary no matter what you are doing. For example, proper concentration is important for all, like a teacher in a class, a driver driving a car, students attending a class, executives in a meeting.  

Mobile is a source of distraction, and hence it is necessary to limit screen time. Distraction from a mobile can disturb a class, cause an accident, result in the student missing out on important education and even result in an executive losing a deal. 

How to prevent mobile distractions from affecting us?

Mobile distractions affect teenagers using smartphones more than adults. Here are some tips to prevent mobile distraction:

Educate your child regarding the dangers of using a mobile at all times. For example, texting and driving can result in an accident, using mobile while studying will affect their concentration, etc. 

  • Set mobile usage rules:

Strict rules and regulations should be in place prior to handing over a mobile device to a teenager to ensure they use it responsibly.

  • Use best parental control App around:

A parental App allows parents to block application, block installation of new Apps and even restrict screen time. Parents can also schedule usage of the device thus dictating when to use it.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Bit Guardian is the best parental control App for children. The App can track their child using GPS to detect their location instantly; additionally, GPS can also be used to find a lost or stolen mobile. GPS feature also notifies if a child is traveling over the speed limit.

  • Geofence:

Parents use Geofence to receive an alert if a child crosses a physical boundary set for him. The way this works is parents can configure Geofence with the central location and radius as per physical boundary set for the child. Doing this will set up the alert.

  • Schedule phone usage:

Bit Guardian allows parents to limit screen time. It can limit the time for individual Apps as well. It is also possible to schedule mobile phone usage and take advantage of several pre-set modes like game-time, bedtime, etc.  Bedtime mode once activated will not allow a child to use any Apps on the smartphone. Similarly, if the game-time mode is enabled, it will allow the kid to play games only during that time.

  • Track all calls and messages:

Parents can track all calls and messages on a child device by accessing the log maintained by App. It is also possible for a parent to block contacts if necessary.

  • Block Apps:

Block application on a child device helps bring peace of mind to the parents. Parent can view a list of Apps installed and select which ones to block. 

  • Panic alert:

    SOS Button is available for a child to use in case of an emergency if activated; a parent receives an alert message along with any other contact as set.

  • Block App install:

A child is not allowed to install any new Apps once 'Block App Install' is activated. This ensures no objectionable Apps can be installed by him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I block inappropriate content?

         Parental Apps can block Apps and restrict the use of the device.
How to monitor a child's text messages on a smartphone?
It is possible to view calls and message log using a parental App using a parental App. 

  • What does parental control mean?

         Parents can control mobile usage, block application and even limit screen time of their child. This can be done using a parental control App.


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