How To Prevent Children Digital Obesity

A parental control App is vital to gain control over the massive digital appetite of consumers. Kids are getting more dependent on their digital data, hoarding tons of data and old records or images. It is common for kids to have multiple profiles, accounts, and devices to engage in an online activity. 
This article describes digital obesity among children, the need to block the Apps and sites and how parental Apps can help solve this issue Parental apps is the new New Age of Child Care.

Dangers of Digital Obesity

Digital Obesity is an issue when a child starts storing lots of data. This can be in the form of images, irrelevant links, and even useless Apps. Kids are more vulnerable and tend to download more, use many news Apps & plenty of gaming Apps and tons of camera or video modifying Apps. Parents have the option to block the Apps and sites to prevent this.
Kids often end up spending hours together exploring various Apps and lose track of time. It is vital to block social media use since children spend too much time on enumerable instant messaging Apps or social media Apps. Thus, digital obesity is a real issue that does need to be dealt with by all parents.

Bit Guardian Parental Control Apps For Android

Here is a list of features to monitor children:
     Schedule phone usage:
    Parents using Bit Guardian have an option of scheduling child phone usage and also use several pre-set modes. Bedtime mode and Game-time mode are good examples of pre-set modes. For example, Bedtime mode does not allow a child to use any App at night time. This also helps limit time spent on a device.

     Block Apps:
Any App that a parent finds objectionable will be in the list of child's Apps, hence parents can block it. Kids will not be able to access those Apps.

     Tracking messages and calls:
Log of calls and messages on a child device can be monitored by this parental control App. This helps parents decide which contact to block.

     Panic alert:
SOS button is a feature on a kid's App. Once this is active, parents receive a panic alert. Additionally, kids can also send a message to other contacts in case of an emergency.

        Kiosk Mode:
Parents can remotely control a child device using the Kiosk mode. The parent has the ability to block Apps on child devices as well. However, these features are popular with parents having younger children.

     Theft of device:
GPS can be put to work to find a child device in case of theft. The same applies if a device is gone missing.  A parent can also ring the child device.

To create a virtual boundary that maps a physical boundary restriction of your child, activate and configure Geofence. Configuration options include the central location and radius. Parents will receive an alert on the parental App if the child crosses the boundary.

        Block App install:
Block installation of any new App on a kid’s device to prevent exposure to harmful content by simply activating ‘Block App install.'

Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I block inappropriate content?
         Parental Apps block any bad content by making use of a very useful feature called ‘Block Apps.' 

        How to monitor a child's text messages on a smartphone?
Parents can monitor a child's smartphone and view all text messages & calls to keep tabs on a device.

        What does parental control mean?
Parents use parental Apps in a digital age to help keep tabs on their children.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App helps keep track on mobile phone access. It is vital to be able to block the Apps and sites before giving your child a mobile device. This App does just that. 


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