How to Control Kids to Using Smartphones at Night

Uncontrolled usage of smartphones, especially in the night can have serious implications on your child's health.

Kids normally play games, check their social media accounts and email before going to the bed.
This article goes on to explain the downside of using a smartphone at night and how a parental control App can prevent that.

Effects of nighttime smartphone usage

As per several online studies, a high percentage of people use smartphones at night, and this includes children as well. A parental control App thus comes to the rescue to restrict internet access or prevent children from using a smartphone entirely at bedtime.  
Excessive screen time affects our eyes, and children are even more vulnerable. Night time smartphone usage is known to have health risks and cause sleep deprivation.  
Risks of night-time smartphone usage:
  • Kids are likely to wake up feeling tired
  • Using a phone in bed can affect your sleep.
  • Smartphones emit a light which is more harmful at night and damage your eyes.
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The most effective method to Keep Your Child From Using their Phone At Night
Bit Guardian is a parental control App, here are the main features:
  • ·       Schedule phone usage:

This App can restrict time children spend on different Apps, like games, social media, etc. to limit their screen time. There are several modes to schedule smartphone usage for children. These modes are bedtime mode, game-time mode, etc.  
If bedtime mode is activated, it will not allow a child to use any App except for emergency calls. Similarly, if the game-time mode is active, it restricts when the child can play games.

  • ·       Block Apps:

This App allows the parents to take full control of the child’s device, block any App they seem objectionable and also restrict internet access.

  • ·       View calls and messages:

Keep tabs on the kid's activity by viewing the call and message logs. This helps the parents block contacts if the need arises.

  • ·       Panic alert:

A child can activate 'SOS mode' on their device to send an alert message to the parent device. It can also send a message to other contacts as per the settings.

  • ·       Find lost phone in case of theft:

The parent App makes use of GPS feature to track the child's device if and when it is lost or stolen.  

  • ·       Geofence

Geofence enables the parent to create a virtual boundary and set up alerts if the child crosses the boundary. The way this works is the parents sets the physical boundary limits for the child and configures appropriate settings for central location and radius.

  • ·       Block App install:

Parents can prevent children from installing any new Apps on their mobile device by simply activating ‘Block App’ install feature.

  • ·       Tracking a child:

GPS feature allows parent to use a location tracker to find child device within minutes. Parental App also allows a child to enable 'Pick Me.'  This will alert parents of the location to pick up their child.

  • ·       Speed Limiter:

Speed notifications pop up on parent’s device if a child is over-speeding.  GPS technology allows parents to monitor the speed their children are traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I monitor my child’s phone?
Bit Guardian Parental App has many features that allow you to monitor a child, track their location and limit their usage.

  • How do I view my child’s text messages?
Parental Apps keep tabs on a child’s messages and calls and allow parents to view logs.

  • What does parental control mean?
A child's mobile phone activity can be restricted, and their usage monitored with the help of a parental control App. This is referred to as parental control in the digital age.

Bit Guardian Parental App offers all the features a parent would require to keep tabs on their children. Parents can restrict internet access of their children and even limit their screen time.


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