How Parental Control App Help to Monitor My Child Mobile Activity

How to monitor my child using parental control app?

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the new addiction for all people and using a # 1 parental control App may be the solution. Adults may be aware of the potential threat; however the children are more vulnerable. Security of children using smartphones is at stake with an increase in cyber-crimes like identity theft.
Thus, the main issue with parents is how to “monitor my child." Besides security, exposure to objectionable content and over usage of a smartphone are also big issues. Using a child monitoring software to keep tabs on the activities of children, securing their phone and blocking unwanted content is the best method to deal with this issue.

What is Parental Control App?

It is an App to monitor a mobile device of a child and gain full control of their activities. Besides monitoring your child, it can also prevent the child from installing any App they please.
Many of us are familiar with Parental Control since all electronic devices like a TV, Computer, Game Station, Fridge, etc. already have this to some extent. A Parental Control App is essentially something similar, the difference being it is used to safeguard a child from perils of a smartphone.

Tips to monitor a child

Using software to monitor child is effective for the following reasons:
  • Place time restrictions for mobile phone usage:
Spending too much time on mobile device is not good. A parental App can help control how much time the child can use a smartphone.
  • Check who is calling and messaging your child:
Keeping tabs on who the child is communicating with, ensures their safety. This is easy to achieve by viewing the call and message logs.
  • Allocate special hours for particular Apps and schedule downtime:
A parental control App can schedule use of specific Apps. For example, it can stop usage of all Apps during bedtime. It can also schedule gameplay for a specific time of the day to avoid them playing games at any time they please.
  • Restrict exposure by blocking Apps:
Block any App from the list of applications installed on the child’s device. The advantage being the child is more secure and not viewing explicit content.

Bit Guardian child monitoring software

Here are the main features:
  • Block App install:
Parents can monitor their child and stop them from installing any new Apps by merely activating block App install feature.

  • Schedule phone usage:
Schedule App usage to get better control over the kid's mobile usage. Parents can take advantage of several pre-set modes. For example, the bedtime mode will not allow any children to use any Apps; similarly, game-mode does not let them play games any time they please.

  • Monitor calls and messages:
It is also possible to block unwanted contacts if the need arises. The call and message logs of the child's mobile device are accessible.

  • Block App usage:
The entire list of Apps on the child mobile is viewable to parents. Thus, a parent can then select which Apps to block to prevent explicit content exposure.

  • Kiosk mode:
Kiosk mode allows parents to control any device and also block any App remotely as they seem necessary.

  • Geofence:
This monitoring software for children is also a virtual fence. A parent can activate Geofence to configure settings like central location and radius. Once settings are in place, parents receive an alert if and when a child oversteps any boundary.

  • Find lost phone in case of theft:
The App can locate a smartphone if it is lost or stolen.

  • Tracking a child:
This feature takes advantage of GPS tracking to help parents locate a child instantly.

  • Panic alert:
Parents can receive a ‘Panic Alert’ from a child device if ‘SOS button’ is used. A child’s device can also message other contacts as per settings.

  • Speed Limiter:
Keep monitoring your child even when on the road. Parents can check the speed of your child. This feature will send an instant alert in the event of their child driving fast as per settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to block apps on kids’ phone?
Select the apps you need to block on the child's device from settings on parents App. Save the settings to prevent kids from using these Apps.

  • Can I restrict game time on child device?  
Yes, Change the setting to allow game apps only as per your schedule thus preventing kids from playing games at all times like when at school.

  •  How to use Geofence to restrict child?

Geofence creates a virtual boundary to map a physical boundary. The software to monitor a child (App) will receive an alert if a child goes beyond the physical boundary.

  • How to find my kids lost device?

If your child losses a device a parental app uses a GPS tracker to locate it. This also helps in case of theft.

  • Can I prevent a child’s phone usage at bedtime?

Yes, it is possible to do so using an app that allows you full control over the child’s device. It can schedule phone usage; thus, preventing mobile use at bedtime or family time.

  • Can I prevent a child’s phone usage at bedtime?

Yes, Schedule phone usage to prevent mobile use at bedtime time.

Bit Guardian parental control app can help keep your children secure and also limit their usage. It is one of the best child monitoring software around that can help parents monitor their child.


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