Best Technology can Help Parents

Modern day parenting is not straightforward, thus requires the use of a Parental control App. More teenagers have digital devices, and hence there is a greater need for screen timer.

Parents have help from technology to deal with parenting issues and can monitor kid mobile activity. Technology introduces a new set of issues like exposure to explicit content, identity theft, no control over kid’s mobile usage, cyberbullying, etc.

This article goes on to describe how technology helps parents. It also explains how a parent needs to overcome the dangers of using technology and Ways Protect your Kids from Cyberbullying.

How technology assists parenting?

Technology solves many parenting problems. However, the digital world also brings a new set of challenges and a new dimension to parenting. At the same time, there is tons of information available online that parents use while bringing up their kids. 
Parents face several issues like the need to block Apps to prevent exposing a child to bad content. Excessive screen time is also a major problem for parents. A parental control App is a perfect solution to assist the parents with task to monitor kid mobile activity.

Technology assists parents in the following ways:

        Control kid’s App use:
Parents monitor kid’s mobile App activity with the help of a parental App. For example, if a kid uses a device to watch YouTube videos instead of educational App, it is prevented by taking full control over kid’s device.

        Be fully aware of a child’s activities:
A parental control App ensures parents are always aware of a child's smartphone activities. Parents can block Apps, keep track of a child's whereabouts, and even activate SMS and call blocker.

        Limit screen time:
Parents restrict the screen time of their children with the help of technology. They limit the amount of time spent on each App an also schedule use of the device itself.

There is a vast knowledge base online for parents to access and help them raise their kids better.

Bit Guardian to Monitor kid mobile activity

Parents can monitor kid’s mobile activity always to be aware of what their child is doing. They use a GPS tracker to track a child’s location at any point in time.
    GPS tracker does more than track location of a child. It alerts a parent if a child crosses the physical boundary set for him. Configure settings of central location and radius for the virtual boundary setting.

     Schedule usage:
Scheduling mobile phone usage helps restrict screentime. It is also limit the time a child spends on individual Apps.  There are several pre-set modes like Game-time mode and bedtime for this purpose.

     View calls & messages:
Viewing all calls & messages on the child’s devices means parents keep tabs on who they contact. This is done by viewing a log with the details and block a contact if necessary.

     Block Apps:
A child may have installed several Apps that may be a bad influence. Bit Guardian allows parents to block such Apps and prevent exposure to explicit content.
     Panic alert:
The SOS button is activated by a child to send a panic alert to the parents and any other contact as per the setting. 
     Block App install:
A child cannot install any new Apps if 'Block App Install' is enabled. Thus, a parent can make sure no objectionable Apps can be installed on by him.

Frequently Asked Questions
        How to monitor my child’s phone?
Parents can monitor a kid’s mobile activity using parental App.

        Can I monitor my child’s text messages?
Yes, a parental App can monitor a child's messages to ensure safety.

        What does parental control mean?
Parental App can control the mobile usage of kid and enforce parental control.

        How do you block all inappropriate content?
         Block any unwanted Apps with the help of parental Apps; this prevents exposure to bad content.  

Bit Guardian has many useful features. It is the best parental App that can track screen time and block Apps.


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